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This goes through the full process of updating to the latest rooted firmware from rbox.

This assumes that you already have adb and are currently rooted.

This was done on Linux


Written by Alan on Saturday May 28, 2016
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Migrating from Gallery 3 to Piwigo: Copying files

In this series of posts I will describe how I migrated from Gallery 3 to Piwigo.  In the first post I described the process of Installing Piwigo.  In this post I will describe the process I used to migrate my files from my old server to the new server using screen.  Screen allows the long copy process to run without requiring an active shell session to be maintained. 

Written by Alan on Sunday April 12, 2015
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Migrating from Gallery 3 to Piwigo: Installing Piwigo

I have been a user of Gallery for many years, but now that Gallery has gone into hibernation, it was time to look into other solutions.  I wanted a solution that allowed me to continue hosting my own photos, setup security, and ideally allow uploading from a mobile device.  After reading numerous reviews, I came to the conclusion that Piwigo seemed to be the best fit.  There was even a plugin available for Piwigo to allow migrating from Gallery 3 to Piwigo, although as I found out later, migrating was not this simple.  Throughout this first series of posts I will describe how I was able to transition from Gallery 3 to Piwigo.

In this post I will go over installing Piwigo on Ubuntu 14.04.

Written by Alan on Saturday March 21, 2015
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Welcome to my new blog.

Written by Alan on Monday March 2, 2015
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